Privacy policy

Last updated: 2018/11/19

Aexfin Ltd has created this privacy policy to explain how our game Occidental Heroes uses information collected from players.
We reserve the right to modify this policy, so please review it frequently. Your continued use of the Occidental Heroes app signifies your acceptance of any changes to this privacy policy.


Occidental Heroes doesn't allow users to create accounts and doesn't use any of your existing accounts, so it has no access to any of your account information. The only personally identifiable information we store is your email address and messages if/when you contact support. However, the app does collect your gameplay data and does share some of your device's identifiers and personal data with Google in order to obtain analytics, personalize ads and report crashes.


Occidental Heroes sometimes sends gameplay data to our secure servers in order to help us create a better gameplay experience. This data includes your party name, composition, status and quests you have completed. The game also sends a unique identifier attributed to your installation of the game. This identifier cannot be used to personally identify you, only to help our analytics connect multiple gameplay sessions from a single player. Because this is done through the Internet, our servers will also know the IP address you connected through. This gameplay data will not be retained for longer than 90 days.
Occidental Heroes also allows third party analytics service Answers by Fabric (owned by Google) to collect usage data that is essential for us to provide services and understand the players' needs. This data includes but is not limited to unique device identifiers, installation UUID's, device hardware and firmware information and custom app events. None of this data can be used by us to personally identify the players of our game.
Answers by Fabric retains the data for 90 days. You can review Fabric's privacy policy at


Occidental Heroes may display advertisements tailored to your interests. These advertisements are provided by the third party service AdMob (owned by Google). To facilitate this, the app shares your Google Advertising ID with AdMob.
You can read more about how Google personalizes ads at
You can disable ad personalization or reset your Google Advertising ID in your Android device's Settings > Google > Ads.

Crash reports

In order to improve the stability and reliability of the game, Occidental Heroes reports any app crashes via the third party crash reporting service Crashlytics by Fabric (owned by Google). The reported data consists of crash traces, device make and model and the installation UUID.
Crashlytics retains the data for 90 days. You can review Fabric's privacy policy at

Contact us

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this privacy policy, please contact us via email